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Another 1-1 home draw, this time against Sheffield United

A rain soaked Griffin Park saw Sheffield United having a number of opportunities to score in the first half but it was goalless at half time. They take the lead in the 55th minute but in the 68th minute Chris Mepham (who last week made his full international debut for Wales) gets the equaliser and his first goal for the Bees. As the boys run to the fans to celebrate the goal, Ryan Woods decides to get the ball out of the net to (I assume) get the game started as soon as possible. I can understand that if there was 5 minutes to go, but this was now the 69th minute. The Sheffield United keeper gets to the ball first to prevent him taking it back to the half way line. There is a minor scuffle with Woods slightly touching the keeper’s face with his hand and the keeper retaliates by pushing Woods in the face. The result? An unnecessary sending off of both players. Towards the end they had a few more chances to score and I’m pleased that at least we didn’t lose.


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