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Transfer deadline has passed and Ryan Woods is still a Bees player

I thought it was a done deal with Ryan Woods going to Swansea City for £6.5m. He was left out of the team against Rotherham and it appears he has stated that he was keen on going to Swansea. So what happens tomorrow against Stoke City? I assume he will be picked to play but could him apparently wanting leave antagonise the other players and the fans? There is still the faintest possibility he could be loaned to Swansea but the deal must be completed before the end of the month. I'm glad he is staying but can't believe the deal was not done because the clubs were haggling whether it should be £6m or £6.5m. I wonder if it was because Swansea couldn't get the money until Sam Clucas was transferred to Stoke City and that only happened just before the deadline and then there may not have been enough time to complete the Woods deal?


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