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Am I letting the boys down?

Brentford, you don't deserve me as a supporter. For almost the last week I have been agonising about whether I should go to the Villa game tonight (if only they hadn't switched the date of the fixture) or rehearse with The Soul Providers as we have a gig on Saturday 1st September. I had already told the band I was going to watch the footie but it is difficult to get the band together for rehearsals (although we have one on the 29th August) and I need to practice some of our new numbers and make sure I am still up to speed with the old ones. So I have been agonising about what to do. About 4pm yesterday I went on the club's website to probably buy a ticket and found that they had stopped selling tickets after 2pm, so the decision had been made for me. The game is live on Sky and if I take my iPad and get a feed at the rehearsal I might be able to see a little of it, but it is not the same as actually being there. I have let the boys down, and if they win 5-0 I will kick myself for not going, but if they lose 5-0 then thank goodness I went to the rehearsal!


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